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These questions sound familiar?

Business & Trends

  • Lack of idea: “I want to start a company but I don’t have an idea. Where should I look?”

  • Trends & Idea evaluation: “I have a business idea but I’m not sure if it will work out. I would love to get your insight.”

  • Product & Pitch: “Here’s my product. What do you think? Any suggestions for a more impactful pitch?”

  • Growth & Strategy: “Here’s where I am at so far. I need help with my growth plan.”

  • Leadership & Management: “How can I inspire my team? How can I reduce my high turnover?”

  • Creative problem solving: “I have this specific problem with my company, client or team. How can I address it differently?”
  • Smart work vs. Burnout: “I’m overworked. What can I do to enhance my quality of life without jeopardizing my business or health?”

Life & Career

  • Career choices: “I’m at a crossroads, should I look for another job or profession? Should I do an MBA? Start my own company?”
  • Passion vs. Profession: “I’m not satisfied with the work I do. My passion is something else entirely. What should I do?”
  • Motivation: “I’ve lost motivation. What’s happening?”
  • Freedom: “I feel stuck in my job. I want to be free. What can I do?”

  • Decision making: “I have an important decision to make and I could use a fresh pair of eyes. PS: this stays between us!"
  • People understanding: “Someone around me is behaving in a specific way (…), what do you think they’re up to?”

  • Reading between the lines: "I had a conversation/received this text message, is the person being sincere?"


Seven years ago, I decided to start my own storytelling agency, before startups were “trendy”. So when I announced I was quitting my stable job, people looked at me like I was crazy. And maybe I was 🙂

Since then, I’ve gone through the sweat, the stress, the joy, the tricks, the freedom, the questions and the answers of having your own business.

Throughout my quest for answers, I’ve studied hundreds of business cases as you may already know as a reader of mine: common mistakes, innovations, tricks that make a difference, doing things differently, and so on. I’ve followed business trends for the past 7 years, and developed a unique understanding of human beings.

People naturally started coming to me for advice. Little by little, I noticed that my advice was making a difference to them. That’s when I knew I had something valuable to offer!


My Expertise

Years of own mistakes, achievements and detailed observation of others’.

Mastering the Human

With a rare understanding of the human being: our habits, our limitations, and our endless battle between emotion and reason.

My Intuition

Somehow, it’s rarely wrong! Give it a try.


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  • What if I don't receive an answer in 2-3 days?
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